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Review: A Complete & Utter History Of Jazz (Without The Boring Bits)

Review from our Cadogan Hall show - bookable for other London concerts, theatre shows, and jazz festivals around the world. 

"I hadn't realised, until searching for your e-mail address, how long it is since I first encountered Jazz Rep (2012). As well as seeing the original show several times, I've been to most of your other ventures over the years.


Which is a lead-in to saying that last night's concert was so good, I just had to let you know how much pleasure it gave me. It was the best yet, one of my greatest musical evenings ever. The astonishing versatility of the band reached new heights. The selection of material, and the creative way in which it was presented, was as near perfect as it would be possible to get.


Unless someone tells me differently, there's no-one else out there doing what you do. The respect for all genres of jazz shines through. You must by now be the best jazz band in the world.


Sincere thanks for keeping the flame alive."

Alan (Audience Member)

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