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The Party Jazz & Jazz Repertory Online Shop

Free Shipping in the UK, £2.95 in Europe, £4.95 The Rest Of The World

Downladable music from our classic jazz, bebop jazz, modern jazz and swing music concerts.  Buy the albums from our spectacular live music London events as well as jazz concerts throughout the UK.

Welcome to our new on line store.  We’ve just opened – the builders have left and we’ve barely had time to load the Artists CD page before stacking up a pile of free downloads for your delectation.  I’ve been assured that it’s all a cinch to use despite having just accidentally put £1,789 on my credit card purchasing two of my own CDs but I’m assured all is working perfectly now (don't be shy of letting us know if it's not) – so follow the idiot proof instructions and listen to the selected track for free or if you’d like to have the complete and utter CD click away!  

The store is closed for maintenance
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